We are RigRun®

RigRun® comprises a fully qualified and highly specialised team of health professionals, including sports scientists, dietitians, sports nutritionists, personal trainers and psychology professionals.

We have over 20 years’ experience working within the global offshore oil and gas industry, and understand the unique culture and specific health needs in the offshore workplace.

“Why choose RigRun® over other digital fitness programmes?”

The underlying ethos of RigRun® is to improve the physical and mental health of remote site workers whilst at the same time working to protect the environment.

Data Protection


Personal touch and support

Unlike the majority of digital fitness initiatives, we are not affiliated with insurance companies

As such we have no ulterior motives such as gathering personal data about your personnel and selling or sharing it to third parties who wish to gain from it at the expense of the individuals who take part.

Our data is held within the EU and is fully GDPR compliant. At the time of signing up to the RigRun® event, personnel are given a simple and clear explanation as to how their personal data is processed and have to give consent before taking part.

At any time, personnel can ask to have their data anonymised.

We value the importance of having a person at the end of the phone or email to deal with any technical or health-related queries

Our contact details are openly available, and we nearly always respond within a 24-hour period.

We get to know our clients and RigRun® competitors and they get to know us, our first names etc. No sending emails into cyberspace.

Each person is important to us and will be treated as such.

Points mean prizes

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt


With RigRun® prizes are REAL prizes.

Unlike other fitness initiatives, where prizes are digital, RigRun® prizes are tangible and received at the point of winning, which increases the motivation to exercise.

RigRun® has increased the number of prizes this year and included additional prize categories.

RigRun® is designed for and by remote site workers

The developers of RigRun® worked offshore for several decades, and totally get what it’s like to travel to and work offshore

We take the time to listen to feedback during the RigRun® event and also formally at the end through feedback forms

Each year we set aside a significant budget to enhance our service according to feedback from each remote site personnel.

RigRun® goes from strength to strength

Offshore Asset Participation





* figure based on projection



Get in touch

If you are interested in taking part in RigRun® please complete the following details and a member of our team will be in touch.

Places are limited and are available on a first come, first serve basis. RigRun® goes from strength to strength so make sure that your team signs up today.

If you prefer emailing to find out more please email us