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Name : Jason
Age : 55

Qualifications :
British Cycling Level 1 Coach
Scottish Triathlon / British Triathlon Level 2 Coach
Scottish Athletics / Jog Scotland Technical Coach
British Triathlon Static Bike Coach
VeloTech Platinum
PADI IDC Staff Instructor
ASI Level 2 Instructor

Sports :
Stand up paddle boarding
Scuba diving
Brazilian jiu jitsu

My name is Jason and I am part of the Rigrun Coaching team.
The entry I had into running really came from a desire to get fit and shed weight once I passed the age of 40.

Once I was unable to run to the end of the road, I took part in the many local Parkruns and from here my ability to run and fitness steadily improved.

Over the last few years, I have competed and taken part in many run race distances such as 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon distance plus a few obstacle style races and SUPathlons which are Stand up paddleboarding, cycling and running races.

As an addition to running, cycling also became part of this desire to get fit, mountain biking but predominantly road cycling became a passion. I joined my local cycle club and enjoyed the thrill of competing in time trail races and longer 100+ mile endurance races.

I then married both cycling and running together and competed in local and national Duathlon Races, my preferred distance is sprint Duathlon which is generally a 5K run followed by a 20+K cycle and then a 5k or 2.5k sprint finish run to get you over the line. In 2019 I qualified and was honoured to be part of the age category Team GB Duathlon squad.

As well as shorter running races I have completed a range of Ultra Marathons including Tiree, Glenmore 24, Glen Ogle and the Cairngorm Ultra. This led to me taking part in the inaugural half Marathon Des Sable in Fuerteventura closely followed by the famous full Marathon Des Sables, which is a self-supported multi stage race in the heat of the Sahara desert. 


The Marathon Des Sables is indisputably the toughest footrace on earth. Physically, it is six days’ running over 250 kms (156 miles) across endless sand dunes, rocky jebels and white-hot salt plains, carrying what you need to survive on your back. Mentally, it is the ultimate challenge of mind over body– an experience like no other in the world.

I felt I needed to learn more but also pass on the skills and knowledge I had picked up during my own personal journey. In 2018 I trained with British cycling for the level 1 coaching award, and then Scottish Triathlon Level 1 and Level 2 coaching qualifications followed in quick succession. While under the water I am a PADI & BSAC Scuba Instructor and while on the surface I am an ASI Level 2 Stand Up Paddle board instructor and can often be found exploring and guiding sessions in the many Lochs and rivers on my doorstep.

I tend to train most days but include a full rest day at least once a week, training generally consists of running, cycling, gym work and my new passion Brazilian jiu jitsu.

As part of the coaching team, I look forward to working with the rest of the team here at Rigrun to guide you through your own fitness journey and ultimately lift that trophy for you and your team.

Sarah’s Story

In 2008 I left my position as a leisure manager to pursue a career as full-time firefighter.

Throughout that time, I’ve continued to work part time as level 3 personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach and a volunteer coach with Metro road runners. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to work with clients of all ages and abilities with a wide range of goals from weight loss to sports specific targets.

My journey in exercise and fitness started at a young age where I played football for many years with Kemnay ladies AFC. Later in life I switched to distance running, mainly competing in Ultras, but I raced anything from 5k to 100miles. Over the years I’ve also dabbled in Triathlon, open water swimming and obstacle racing. Today, I’m a little bit older and I concentrate more on my functional fitness and staying strong for my work. I still run but spend most of my time training in the gym, using a hybrid approach of weightlifting and cardio conditioning.

The main reason I exercise is because it has a profound effect on my mental wellbeing. It’s great escape from the stresses of everyday life and can massively improve your self-esteem. I love the fact that an enjoyable workout can change your whole outlook on the day to come.

I’m really looking forward to being part of the team, helping you achieve your goals, and making Rigrun an enjoyable, safe and exciting challenge for each and every one you.


Name : Sarah Louise Simpson
Age :  Aha!


Level 3 PT
UKA Level 3 Running Endurance Coach
British Weightlifting Level 1
Kettlebell Instructor
Group Indoor cycling Instructor
Level 2 Mental health awareness and first Aid
HND Sports Coaching with Development

Need that bit of time to yourself?

Our experts in Mindfulness and Breathworks will help you on the journey to your goals

Mastering Mindfulness

with Louise Martin

Our bodies are always here with us and can only ever be experienced in the present moment. Yet, we pay very little attention to them unless something goes wrong.


with Eve Elsby

The quality of our breath touches on every part of our physical and mental wellbeing. Beyond helping us regulate our nervous system, lower blood pressure, and support our immunity, working on our breath can also help improve our sleep patterns, increase focus and energy, and regulate our mood.

As part of our RigRun 2024 International Cup Challenge, accredited breathwork teacher Eve Elsby will host a 6-week series of live webinars that will teach participants about their breath, how it may be holding them back, and what they can do to improve its quality in the short and long term. Plus, each webinar attendee will earn a point for their RigRun Cup team each time they attend.

Session details and links will be included in the RigRun app.

Click to event when it’s taking place

6th Feb

12:30 pm

What is Breathworks?

8th Feb


What is Breathworks?

13th Feb


Calm Breathing

15th Feb


Calm Breathing

20th Feb


Simple Breathwork Techniques

22nd Feb


Simple Breathwork Techniques

27th Feb


Circular Breathing

29th Feb


Circular Breathing

5th Mar


Nourishing Breathing

6th Mar


Nourishing Breathing

12th Mar


Signature Breathwork

14th Mar


Signature Breathwork

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Great news! We’ve included onshore exercise to RigRun so you can clock up the points for your team and earn more prizes while on shore leave. Just use the app to track your exercise.