Breathe New Life Into Your Routine

31st May 2023 12:00 BST


When was the last time you took notice of how you breathe?

Did you consider it during your last workout?

Competing in fitness competitions like the RigRun Cup event can be intense. And since the race is on to earn as many points as possible for your team over the 6 weeks of the competition, taking some time out to just breathe can seem like a luxury.

From her extensive research into how breathing affects essential pillars of our wellbeing, Ali Mathers is an expert in restorative breathing. And spoiler – it’s not only useful for yoga practice. In this session, she’ll share how it can help:

  • Improve your endurance so you can work out for longer
  • Help you to relax and clear your mind so you can stay focused on your form
  • Increase your energy efficiency and adrenaline levels for enhanced sporting performance
  • Assist with your recovery by allowing you to regulate your sympathetic nervous system

By harnessing the power of breathwork, you can recover from the intensity of the RigRun 6-week Cup Competition and prepare your body and mind for the next event. So, sit back, relax and let Ali show you how to breathe new life into your exercise routine.


About the Speaker:
Yogi Alison Mathers has been practising yoga for 16 years and teaching it for around 13 years. Working full-time as a Chartered Psychologist, she believes that incorporating any mind body practice into your life can help manage and support your well-being.  Understanding and improving the connection between emotional, mental and physical health by using elements of yoga is something that Ali wants to encourage everybody to try. Ali is currently undertaking a PhD into how breath can promote self-regulation.  She is an avid runner, having completed 24 marathons around the world and just recently completed the Abbott Worlds Major 6th Star.


Accessing this Webinar:
Join the webinar on 31 May at 12:00 BST here. And if dodgy WiFi gets in the way of you enjoying one of the webinars live, don’t panic. You can watch a full recording of the session later in our archive.

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