The Game, The Glory & Great Prizes

The Game, The Glory & Great Prizes

So, what is RigRun?

RigRun is the ultimate sporting experience for offshore workers, suitable for all ages and fitness abilities.

Everyone is on a level playing field and can contribute equally to their team’s score.

Experience being an athlete without actually being an athlete!

Score for your team by exercising in your cabin, on the stairwells, helideck, or offshore gym.

Support your team by scoring during your onshore leave.

Exercise when you want and in any way you want.


No naff digital tokens here

Collect prize milestones and exercise bragging rights with your crew!

We know that folks offshore love a free Mars Bar and Coke, but as health gurus, it’s not appropriate for us to incentivise you with sugar!

Instead, collect the branded RigRun sports strip!


Fed up with competing with thousands of people
you don’t know on your fitness apps?
Are you tired of speaking to chatbots
instead of real people?

We blend all the latest technology with fundamental human connections and experiences.

Compete locally with crew members from your offshore team; and against others who work in the offshore industry.

Behind the scenes at RigRun, real people are monitoring you and your team’s progress each day.

Receive personalised sports coaching and check out the daily sports commentary section to see if you feature in today’s news!

Want to speak with us at RigRun?

We reply to all messages personally; you won’t ever be an anonymous statistic.

A few of the rigrun features

Hot off the press.

Discover all the latest team and player highlights in the daily sports commentary section of the app.

Pleased as punch with a recently completed workout?

Load your photos and workout screenshots on our social media pages.

Catch up on the banter offshore in the tea shacks and boot rooms.

fair play


Forget wellness programmes that are only open to staff members.

RigRun is for everyone – staff, contractors, core crew and visitors. Inclusion is a priority.

Join RigRun at any time, on or offshore, and start scoring for your team.

handicaps rule

Our unique algorithm ensures that all team sizes, large and small, can compete fairly against one another.

register interest for your offshore team.

Please fill out the form to register your offshore team's interest in RigRun®.


No problem, use the app to switch over to your new team. Take all your personal achievements with you and start scoring for your new crew!

Are comms down offshore, or is the WiFi signal not great?

Not an issue!

You can continue logging your workouts in the app even when there is no internet. Your workouts will synch to the cloud once you have a connection.




Great news! We’ve included onshore exercise to RigRun so you can clock up the points for your team and earn more prizes while on shore leave. Just use the app to track your exercise.