Fired Up to Get Fit!

13th June 2023 13:00 BST


Completing survival training and passing regular medical exams is just the tip of the iceberg for the offshore firefighter.  

And since enduring physically demanding work at height, in enclosed spaces, and in all weather and environmental conditions is just another day on the job, they must stay in peak condition – physically and mentally.  

In this webinar, serving firefighter and former sports coach Joseph Warwick will share his experience of working on the frontline with the London Fire & Rescue Service. He’ll cover:  

  • How fit you need to be to work as an operational firefighter 
  • The exercises you can include in your routine to start training like a firefighter  
  • How firefighters take care of their mental health so they can continue to navigate hazardous conditions, improve their stamina and recover, both physically and mentally, after incidents  

Whether you undertake physically demanding work or not, Joseph provides excellent insight into the strength and limitations of the human body and mind. By providing simple strategies for keeping on top of your fitness and improving your endurance, he’s sure to get you fired up for the next RigRun event.  


About the Speaker:
Joseph is a serving firefighter with the London Fire & Rescue Service and lectures at UCL on Sports, Exercise & Medical Science. He graduated with First Class Honours and has a BSc in Strength and Conditioning (S&C). Previously, he was Head Coach at Chelsea Women’s FC and was a Strength & Conditioning Coach at Wasps Academy. He’s also Director and Head Coach of Ceteris Paribus Performance, which aims to make elite S&C programming, knowledge and coaching accessible to everyone.


Accessing this Webinar:
Join the webinar on 13 June at 13:00 BST here. And if dodgy WiFi gets in the way of you enjoying one of the webinars live, don’t panic. You can watch a full recording of the session later in our archive.

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