Is Sports Massage Just for Athletes?

8th May 2023 12:30 BST


For a long time, sports massage has been associated with high-performing athletes and those treating specific muscular injuries. But Sports Massage Practitioner Andy Gordon thinks it shouldn’t be confined to this narrow demographic.

Over the years, Andy has treated an increasing number of offshore workers before they climb aboard a chopper for their next trip. By addressing their aches, pains and muscle tightness through investigative massage, he helps clients avoid exhausting, frustrating and painful stints offshore.

Plus, when you participate in a RigRun fitness event, regardless of your fitness or activity level, massage can be an essential component of keeping your muscles supple and improving oxygenated blood flow, leading to longer workouts with less chance of injury.

During this insightful webinar, Andy will discuss:

  • The science behind sports massage and how it can help you maintain and improve your physical health, whether you’re a regular gym user or you’re lightly active
  • How you can reduce your risk of muscular injury through massage, improving your sports performance and your work in a demanding environment
  • How massage can prep your body for a fitness competition like RigRun, and help you recover when you cross the finish line

So, if you’ve always viewed sports massage as a post-workout ritual for athletes and a last resort for treating muscular pain, it may be time to think differently and embrace Andy’s proactive approach.


About the Speaker:
A qualified Sports Massage Practitioner, Andy Gordon holds qualifications in personal training; gym instruction; physiology & anatomy; and nutrition. Through his company, Aberdeen Massage Therapies, Andy offers what he calls ‘The Physiology & Anatomy Experience’, covering all muscle avenues leading into and out of trouble or tensioned areas. Regular clients of Andy include offshore workers who come in for a massage to ease aches and pains or loosen muscle tightness ahead of a trip offshore.


Accessing this Webinar:
Join the webinar on 8 May at 12:30 BST here. And if dodgy WiFi gets in the way of you enjoying one of the webinars live, don’t panic. You can watch a full recording of the session later in our archive.

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