Feeling sluggish after the night shift?

Working on a remote site and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is challenging. Whether you’re working on a drilling unit, terminal or production platform, the need to do your share of night shifts inevitably arises. However, burning the midnight oil too often can play havoc with your internal body clock, affecting every aspect of your health, from digestion to immune function to stress levels.

In this fascinating webinar aimed at shift workers, specialist Tom Gurney will take us through the latest nutritional science relating to circadian rhythms and optimal dietary patterns when working the night shift, including:

  • How your body and mind are affected by disruptions to your circadian rhythm
  • When, how, and what to eat pre and post-night shift for optimal nutrition
  • Which supplements to add to your offshore diet when you have limited supplies

From how well you sleep to how stressed you feel at the end of the day, ignoring your circadian rhythm can hold you back from being your best self. So, while you’re recovering from the 6-week RigRun event, take some time to reset your rhythm ahead of RigRun Qualifiers in September!


About the Speaker:
Tom Gurney is a Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Medical Sciences at the University College London. Tom is the module lead for Exercise Physiology and Sport Performance Optimisation. His research interests include supplementation for health and exercise. He wades through the ever-changing research on supplements to provide the latest science and assist people through the supplement minefield so they can get the best nutrition for their unique circumstances.


Accessing this Webinar:
Join the webinar on TBA here. And if dodgy WiFi gets in the way of you enjoying one of the webinars live, don’t panic. You can watch a full recording of the session later in our archive.

Download the full presentation here