Power Up with Pilates

17th May 2023 13:45 BST   Over the 6-week RigRun competition, choosing one type of exercise and running with it can be tempting. And though this may feel like the best way...

Supercharge Your Cycle

16th May 2023 13:00 BST   Our 2023 International Leaderboards included some brilliant bikers, with our Top 10 pedalling for an average of 1,591 miles over the 6-week...

Under the Hard Hat

12th May 2023 12:00 BST   The International SOS Foundation recently reported that 29% of remote rotational workers met the benchmark for clinical depression, and 40% have...

Is Sports Massage Just for Athletes?

8th May 2023 12:30 BST   For a long time, sports massage has been associated with high-performing athletes and those treating specific muscular injuries. But Sports Massage...

The Pursuit of Mindfulness

4th May 2023 13:00 BST How often did you focus on the present moment when you were logging RigRun workouts? Practising mindfulness has been consistently shown to have a profound...

Nutrition and the Night Shift

22nd May 2023 12:00 BST   Feeling sluggish after the night shift? Working on a remote site and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is challenging. Whether you're working on a...

Maximising Menopausal Workouts

25th May 2023 12:30 BST   Menopause affects people in different ways. And while regular physical activity is essential for combatting its side effects, the drive to exercise...

The Athlete Mindset

29th May 2023 12:00 BST   Setbacks happen, and the world’s top athletes are not immune. And though they encounter adversity and low motivation levels, just like the rest of...

Breathe New Life Into Your Routine

31st May 2023 12:00 BST   When was the last time you took notice of how you breathe? Did you consider it during your last workout? Competing in fitness competitions like the...

Mastering Mindfulness

5th June 2023 12:00 BST   Our bodies are always here with us and can only ever be experienced in the present moment. Yet, we pay very little attention to them unless...

Fired Up to Get Fit!

13th June 2023 13:00 BST   Completing survival training and passing regular medical exams is just the tip of the iceberg for the offshore firefighter.   And since enduring...

Optimal Nutrition for Sports Performance

16th June 2023 12:00 BST   Understanding what to eat and when for different types of workouts can be very confusing. And with so much information available (from sources...

To Take or Not To Take: The Science Behind Supplements

21st June 2023 12:00 BST   Supplements can be a helpful addition to your exercise routine, helping you increase your sporting performance and/or aiding your recovery after...

Fitness Over 40

22nd June 2023 12:00 BST   It’s never too late to get into a fitness routine, and Funk Roberts has the proof. This self-proclaimed “54-year-old badass” has helped 15,000 men...

What’s SUP?

29th June 2023 12:00 BST   During the 2023 RigRun Cup Challenge, competitors took on all kinds of physical activity to earn points for their teams, including a range of...

From Childhood Dreams to Championships

27th June 2023 12:00 BST   Though he had a talent for many sports from a young age, Jake Robertson quickly learned that talent was just the start. Moving to Africa when he...

Rowing Blue: Beginner to Boat Race Winner

3rd July 2023 12:00 BST   Competing alongside world-class athletes is tough. And it’s even tougher when you’re a relative newcomer to the game!   In this inspiring webinar,...

The Psychology of Staying Fit

5th July 2023 13:00 BST   When the starting pistol fires and the RigRun competition gets under way, the excitement of participating is often enough to motivate you for the...

How to Create a Strong Mindset

11th July 2023 12:00 BST   As the saying goes, “build a strong mindset, the body will follow.”   In this fascinating webinar, former elite marathon runner and coach Hugo van...

Stepping into the Ring – POSTPONED

POSTPONED   During RigRun 2023, boxer Alex Bailey graced our screens with a selection of online webinars for different skill levels. Now he’s back and joining us in the...

Ripping Up the Slopes: Interview with an Olympian

24th July 2023 13:00 BST   Snowsports proved to be a very popular way for RigRunners to earn points during the 2023 competition, with many taking to snowboarding to log some...

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Week 6 - JUNE

5th June   Louise Martin – Mastering Mindfulness – 12:00 BST

Week 7 - JUNE
Week 8 - JUNE
Week 9 - JUNE
Week 10 - JULY
Week 11 - JULY
Week 12 - JULY

20th July   Alex – Stepping into the Ring – 12:30 BST


Week 13 - JULY


So, you’ve completed a RigRun Fitness Challenge. Now what?
RigRun competitions aren’t just about encouraging offshore teams to dabble in getting more exercise for a few weeks. Instead, we want to help you build on the fitness goals you’ve accomplished so you can maintain a sustainable, healthy lifestyle after the final whistle blows.

That starts with recovery.

Why is recovery important?
During RigRun Challenges, you’re putting your body (and mind) under pressure to win prizes and points for your team. And though exceptional sports prowess is part of going for glory as a high-performing athlete, your recovery is equally important.

Providing several benefits during repetitive high-level training and competitions, recovery interventions are essential in ensuring you stay in peak physical condition, avoid fatigue, and steer clear of injuries.

So, when it’s time for the next RigRun challenge, your team will have an even better chance of climbing the leaderboards and regularly scoring maximum daily points.

The RigRun Recovery Zone
We understand that when a RigRun fitness challenge ends, you often won’t have the luxury of taking time off to recuperate and get yourself geared up for the next one. That offshore rota wheel keeps spinning, and business as usual can mean that health and fitness once again takes a backseat.

Which is why we’re committing three months to your recovery with a range of interactive webinars that are specifically tailored to the unique health needs of personnel travelling to, and working on, remote worksites.

Dealing with issues that most commonly affect workers such as yourself, including circadian rhythm disruption associated with night-shift work; the stresses of being away from home, friends and family; sleep deprivation and fatigue; and dealing with stressful situations such as travel delays and survival courses, our carefully curated programme is packed with techniques, tips and tricks that will have you feeling healthier.

A host of international sport experts and athletic champions will help you raise your game in your chosen sport. Whether it’s optimum supplementation you’re interested in, the latest science on running footwear and fitness trackers, or you just need a helping hand to improve your form, we’ve got you covered!

Plus, we’ll also be getting you pumped up and ready for action at our next RigRun competitive challenge, ‘Qualifiers’, which starts 4th September!

Accessing the Recovery Zone
Links and instructions for all Recovery Zone webinars will be sent out via the Announcements section in the RigRun app. So, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the app for all the updates.

And if dodgy WiFi gets in the way of you enjoying one of the webinars live, don’t panic. You can watch a full recording of the session later in our archive.








Great news! We’ve included onshore exercise to RigRun so you can clock up the points for your team and earn more prizes while on shore leave. Just use the app to track your exercise.