At 07:00 UTC on Thursday 23 March, the final whistle blew on the RigRun Cup 2023 6-week fitness challenge. And we’re thrilled that this challenge brought in our largest participation levels to date.

Over the 42-day competition, teams from the global offshore industry competed to collect points, win prizes, and work toward earning a place in the RigRun Cup Final. From production platforms to gas terminals to drilling units, workers from 20 energy companies across dozens of worldwide remote sites pulled together to get fit and indulge in healthy competition with their industry peers.

The RigRun 2023 6-Week Challenge

2023 was the biggest year yet for the RigRun Cup Offshore Fitness Challenge!

80 teams competed, and over 5,400 participants logged daily workouts. With a diverse mix of interests, fitness levels and workout regimes, these fierce competitors recorded a whole range of exercise types to earn points for their team and climb the International Leaderboards. From hiking to HIIT and running to rowing, every minute and mile was diligently logged in the RigRun app.

In fact, during the competition, our 2023 RigRunners collectively covered over 600,000 miles and completed over 7 million minutes of exercise! The commitment to physical activity and healthy living is what RigRun is all about, and the dedication of this year’s competitors was outstanding. However, only one team can lift the RigRun Cup…

RigRun 2023 Cup Winner – Seadrill West Gemini

With over 250 personnel participating, Seadrill West Gemini amassed a staggering number of points across the competition and won all three matches in the RigRun Cup Final. And though you’d think this kind of performance could only come from some challenge veterans, the 2023 competition was Seadrill’s first foray into RigRun!

Making their mark with this outstanding debut, the company was thrilled to hear that West Gemini would be the latest team to have their name engraved on the RigRun cup. However, beyond earning bragging rights, the team has experienced other benefits from taking part; as Team Member Kevin Rodrigues explains, “The atmosphere on board the West Gemini has been amazing, and people are all pumped up to increase their fitness levels. I’ve never seen the offshore gym and helideck so full!”

Former Corporate Medical Director for Seadrill, Robina McCann, echoed this sentiment as she took time to recognise the incredible effort put in by the West Gemini team members, “First year in the RigRun Cup and, with a lot of focus and determination, Seadrill West Gemini have become international champions! All Seadrill teams did very well, but taking the cup is the icing on the cake. The winner is physical, mental, and social team health.”

RigRun 2023 Challenge Shield Winner – Ithaca Energy Captain FPSO

Though only half of our teams went through to the RigRun 2-Week Cup Final, our remaining teams had their own prestigious prize to compete for – the RigRun Challenge Shield.

And with its team members showing us their skills in a range of workouts, the Ithaca Energy Captain FPSO rose to the challenge and earned themselves the Shield.

Commenting on the team’s success, the offshore vessel’s OIM, Derek Williams, recognised the hard work his colleagues put into the challenge and the effect it has had on them as a result, “It is evident that on an individual basis, everyone involved has gained significantly in terms of physical, health, mental wellbeing, morale, and team spirit. Moreover, coming out of the winter months, this has been a ‘kick start’ for all involved.”

Once again, we congratulate Seadrill West Gemini and Ithaca Energy Captain FPSO for their phenomenal performances in this year’s RigRun competition.

Next up, we have the 4-Week RigRun Qualifiers Event starting on 1 September 2023. If you’d like to see your company take home the glory in this competition and prepare themselves for our 2024 6-week event, head to our Features Page to learn more about RigRun, its benefits, and how you can get involved.