RigRun Social & Mainstream Media Policy

Policy Last Updated on 03/12/2020


  • Raise profile of RigRun events and promote healthy competition
  • Extend the reach of the competition by building relationships with key influencers and relevant audiences as well as journalists & bloggers
  • Provide additional channels for participants to interact with RigRun, provide feedback, seek help & suggest ways to improve services
  • Monitor online reference to RigRun engaging with critics and key influencers to resolve problems/dissatisfaction
  • Provide coverage of events
  • Leverage RigRun web content such as news releases, blogs, and statements
  • To use as a communication channel to use if other channels become unavailable.

Content principles

  • Social media posts will be clear and suitable for the platform on which they appear
  • Language will be informal in tone, but reflect the integrity & professionalism of RigRun
  • Updates will be educational and positive
  • Where possible & appropriate RigRun will post media such a photos and videos
  • RigRun will not Engage or respond to Political posts
  • RigRun may not respond to all comments posted on its various social media platforms, however when we do it will be
    • Messages of support and positive encouragement
    • Maintain or protecting the reputation of RigRun & Participating organisations
  • RigRun will review and delete comments posted on its page that are deemed as having a significant impact on an individual, Team, Organisation.


  • Depending on the platform, RigRun may connect with or follow other professionally relevant parties via social networks. This should not be viewed as an endorsement of any kind – political, commercial, or otherwise
  • For purposes of engagement, openness and sharing relevant information, RigRun may repost the communications of other parties. This should not be viewed as an endorsement of the other party
  • When posting messages to microblogging sites such as Twitter, RigRun may use hashtags (#) to improve search visibility. These hashtags should be viewed in context of the message and wider discussion and are not an endorsement of any persons, products or services mentioned therein.

Operation of accounts

  • Social media accounts will be monitored regularly
  • All social media posts must be first cleared by a relevant staff member
  • RigRun representatives will be mindful when using social media particularly when commenting on contentious issues.

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