I wholeheartedly endorse RigRun for organizations seeking to revolutionize employee wellness. With their tailored programs, inclusive environment, and holistic approach, RigRun has made a profound impact on our organization. Our employees have embraced a healthier lifestyle, improved their fitness levels, and developed mental resilience through team-building activities and comprehensive wellness initiatives. Witness the remarkable benefits of increased morale, enhanced teamwork, and boosted productivity. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a healthier and happier workforce.

Dr Marelize Sirgel | Company Medical Director

The DrillMax has been a regular participant in RigRun over the last few years and it is always greatly anticipated. It’s always a talking point onboard during the competition, especially the Cup Knock-out stage when pitted against another rig. The activity in the gym always increases and is maintained when the competition is over which can only be a good thing. The guys are all eager to receive their Oddballs underwear and looking forward to the next RigRun event!

Craig Miller | Master/OIM

RigRun has had a really positive impact on health and wellbeing on the Clyde team; lots of people who normally don’t go anywhere near the gym have participated this year – most of them have promised to keep up the good work!

The really pleasing thing to see was the encouragement and support that everyone in the team has given each other; we’ve all really enjoyed the challenge and are looking forward taking part again in the future.

Steve Richardson |  OIM Clyde

“Allows us to reach out to all sites and is inclusive to all”
Great event, creates a positive company spirit and across the industry

Peter Hepburn |  Enquest

Harbour Energy encourages participation in Rigrun as they recognise that the best investment a company can make is in the health of their employees. A healthy crew is a happy crew.
Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood. All this reduces sickness and increases productivity.
Winning and losing isn’t everything but Rigrun ensures that everyone is a winner with rewards along the way.
Rigrun makes starting or increasing individuals health and fitness the boost they need and with encouragement, support and advice all the way – how can you go wrong!
Keep up the good work Rigrun Team.

Alena Edgar | Medic | Lomond




Great news! We’ve included onshore exercise to RigRun so you can clock up the points for your team and earn more prizes while on shore leave. Just use the app to track your exercise.